Almost everyone is all the time pining and daydreaming about their crush. Just being in their presence gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction. Talking or laughing with them is just too much joy. But just then they mention to you that they have a crush and it’s not you! The joy and happiness you had in you take a ‘U-turn’ and turns into sadness and depression. It hurts to know that your crush likes someone else even though you are the one that likes them will all your heart. But how do you handle such a situation? How do you react to it? How do you express your views without making them know how you actually feel about it?

Firstly, it too much stress and it is understandable. We always wish that our crush should like us back so that you can finally tell them that you feel the same towards them and strongly. But you have to understand that you can’t control your crush’s feelings. You cannot ask them to like or dislike someone for your benefit. Your crush has strong feelings for someone just like you have for her, and you can’t control either one of it; Not your feelings, neither your crush’s feelings. You should also not blame them or hate them for loving someone else. They haven’t committed any crime by having a crush on someone. You are hurt and feel sad, but it is certainly not their fault and not yours either. She may be considering you to be a friend only. Don’t try to use a technicality to prove your side. She never meant to insult or hurt you. You have to understand and absorb these hard facts and try to move on. Sooner you do it, better it will be for you.

Once it stops bothering you, you can now express your views about her crush and act normal about it. Remember she trusted you and told you all about it. She needs you as a friend and is very much unaware that you like her. You can show throw your tantrums and blame them for your sadness, but it will only push them away and break your friendship forever. Or you can just accept what’s in your fate and support her no after what. Because that’s what true love means. Being happy in her happiness!!!