Earwax is a natural and beneficial component of your body’s defenses. It protects your ears by delaying the growth of bacteria, lubricating your ears, etc. Do you have a blockage in your ears? Excess wax can build up over time, making hearing harder. At the same time, you’ve probably heard that removing wax with cotton swabs isn’t a good idea. When people try to clean their ears on their own by putting cotton swabs or other objects in their ears, earwax obstructions are prevalent.

Visiting a doctor or other healthcare expert to clean your ears is the safest option, as they may use specialized devices to properly remove any excess earwax.

Excess earwax can quickly damage your ear canal and eardrum, which are fragile structures. If you’ve had ear surgery, have a perforation in your eardrum, or are experiencing ear pain or drainage, don’t try to remove earwax with any instrument placed into your ear canal.

These self-care procedures may help you eliminate extra earwax that’s obstructing your ear canal if your eardrum doesn’t have a tube or a hole in it:

Here are some best ways to clean your ears

1. Drops for cleaning your ears

Over-the-counter ear cleaners work effectively if you only have a tiny bit of wax. Look for drops containing hydrogen or other types of peroxide, which can help break up ear wax.

Make sure the ear you’re cleaning is facing up and apply the drops according to the directions. Allow five minutes for the cleaning solution to rest in your ear. This allows the liquid to seep in and soften the materials. When you sit up, the liquid, as well as any ear wax that has broken away, should drain. Prepare a tissue to catch everything.

2. Olive oil or mineral oil

Putting olive oil or mineral oil in the ear before receiving a cleaning can also assist to get wax out more easily. It moisturizes the ear canal.

3. Syringe

A person can purchase an irrigation kit that uses either simple water or a combination of water and saline solution, or they can see a doctor for professional irrigation. Before irrigation, they might want to apply ear drops. If you use a wax softener 15 to 30 minutes before irrigating, this procedure will usually work better.

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