Listening to your body and doing what your body wishes, is the most important thing one can do. There are certain ways through which you can listen to your body.

Here are the ways to listen to your body and become happy again

1. Respect your body

Start by thinking about your body with love and respect. Commit yourself to replacing all the negative thoughts you have about your body with thoughts of appreciation for how well your body functions and in how many ways it helps you throughout your day.

2. Connect body and mind

The simplest way to connect your body and mind is to utilize a combination of your breath and your sense of touch. Start by laying your hand over your heart. Feel your heartbeat under your palm, and sense how your chest rises and falls with each breath you take. Now close your eyes and inhale a deep breath. Hold it for some moment, then exhale slowly.

By doing this, you get closely connected to your mind and body.

3. Ask what your body needs at the moment

Ask your body what it requires to feel better right away. When it answers, be prepared to respect that need. And fulfill whatever your body needs. If your body is feeling uneasy, try some breathing techniques that will make you feel calmer.

If you’re hungry, eat some healthy snacks. If you’re disturbed, take a break from your busy routine and go for a short walk. If your body is tired, take a short sleep if you can.

4. Ask what your body needs to stay healthy in the future

Take some moment and ask your body what it requires on a long-term basis to rejuvenate and prosper in the future.

5. Stop living “by the numbers.”

Decide to stop allowing numbers to run your life. Rather, enable your body to be your guide to good health and peace of mind. By doing this you will have no more fear of failing, because, your body always knows what it needs.
Remind yourself how significant you are, to yourself as well as the people around you.

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