Varun Dhawan has always dazzled audiences with his on-screen abilities and has never hesitated from taking on tough roles. Varun has also been encouraging everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. He’s also started practising yoga and has been posting motivating yoga pictures on the internet. A good diet, in addition to frequent workouts, is essential to Varun’s fitness.

Varun Dhawan is a fitness enthusiast who participates in a number of sports and activities to stay fit and healthy. Topping up his workouts with healthy food and nutrition, the actor believes in long-term nourishment that keeps him energetic and healthy.

Varun strongly believes in mixing multiple exercises to stay in shape. Varun’s instructor, Sawant (who has also worked with Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn), uses a combination of martial arts, powerlifting, and heavily loaded cardio to make sure that all of Varun’s core muscles are engaged. He has grown leaner and more balanced thanks to Pilates. He eats lots of protein-rich meals including baked chicken, grilled salmon, and broccoli.

Varun uploaded a video of himself from the fitness centre to his Instagram account. The actor lifted his tank top and flaunted his wonderfully toned abs in the footage, which was allegedly shot after his tough gym regime.

In one interview he said, “Rather than focusing on a huge and bulked up body, aim to acquire a limber body. As you grow older, the natural suppleness of your body begins to decrease, as a result of which you become vulnerable to injuries. A light body not only looks influential, it is powerful too.” Which was a motivating line for the young fans out there who look up to him.

According on his routine, Varun Dhawan works out at least 4 to 6 times each week. He inspires his fans by posting workout videos on Instagram.

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