Having a crush on somebody is quite normal. The butterflies in your stomach right when you see them when you hardly even know them, is quite normal. Having a crush on someone starts from school days and actually think of it, we never grow out of crushing. It can a celebrity that you found cute, or an attractive person who lives in your neighborhood or someone at the gym. There’s just something about them that makes them attractive to you and kind of just draws you to them. But have you ever had a situation where you might be infatuated with someone at the workplace? The workplace is one of the most common places where people end up crushing on someone.

Every morning you go to work and the minute you set your foot in the office and you see them right there and you think to yourself ‘Wow my day just got better!’ A lot of people find going to work much more exciting when they have a crush at their workplace. Having a crush at the workplace can actually turn out to be a blessing.

Workplace crush can reduce your absenteeism from work as it makes going to work a lot more bearable and exciting because you get to see them. Crushes help you feel alive and lively which helps cope with work-related stress. Everything feels vibrant and exciting and this could serve as a great motivating factor to do your work.

If you divert it the right way, a workplace crush helps you to be more productive at work. This benefits your work performance and helps create a good impression of you in front of your crush as well as your bosses which ultimately and can help your career growth. So having a crush can actually turn out to be quite a blessing for you professionally.

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