A guava is delicious and flavourful, and fans of the fruit would happily eat it every day if they could, especially considering its range of health benefits.

However, you may not be confident if you may enjoy your favourite fruit when pregnant, as you are restricted to eating only those things that are typically thought to be innocuous and practically acceptable.

Guava is relatively safe and healthful to consume throughout pregnancy. It is nutrient-dense and has a number of health benefits. However, to prevent any potential health risks and to obtain the most advantage from the fruit, eat only ripe and sliced fruit in little portions.

Here are 8 reasons why you must consume guava during pregnancy.

1) Enhances immunity

Guava is high in vitamin C, which helps the immune system to operate properly. It boosts the body’s metabolism and immune function, safeguarding it from a variety of ailments and infections.

2) Controls blood sugar levels.

Gestational diabetes is a frequent medical issue that affects pregnant women, particularly in the 6th month. Guava’s soluble fiber and inclusion of complex carbs have the capacity to maintain blood sugar levels, preventing gestational diabetes.

3) Vitamin B3 and B6 is abundant in this fruit.

Guava is also a rich source of vitamin B3 and B6, which are crucial to provide in your pregnancy diet since they support good brain function.

4) Nausea and haemorrhoids are avoided.

Nausea and haemorrhoids are two of the problems that sluggish hormones cause in expectant mothers. Guavas, which are high in fibre, serve an important role in combating chronic ailments. Guavas have a high fibre level, which guarantees that bowel materials pass through quickly and prevents constipation.

5) Digestion is improved

Guava consumption during pregnancy is beneficial to the gastrointestinal process. It helps to prevent digestive problems like heartburn, nausea, and more. Consuming a guava during meals helps to keep the pH of your tummy in check and regulated.

6) Anemia is treated.

The need intensifies during pregnancy, and guava has enough iron to keep haemoglobin levels in balance.

7) Reduces the chance of cancer

Cancer is uncommon in expectant mothers, with a one-in-100 chance of developing it. However, avoidance is preferable to treatment. It is high in antioxidants, which help to prevent cancer. Guava is also high in lycopene and vitamin C, both of which can aid in body detoxification.

8) Relaxes the mind

Cortisol is released throughout pregnancy, which might have a negative impact on your health. Guava is high in magnesium, which helps to relax the central nervous system. As a result, it reduces stress and makes you feel lighter.

9) Enhances vision

Guava is high in vitamin A, which works to avoid eyesight problems and improve concentration in both the mother and the baby.

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