Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a degenerative brain illness that causes memory, cognitive, and behavioral impairments. It’s the leading cause of dementia among the elderly.

The physical and emotional toll on the family, caregivers, and friends is perhaps one of Alzheimer’s disease’s greatest costs. The rigors of bathing, clothing and other caring duties can be difficult to endure, as can changes in a loved one’s personality and mental capacities.

Here are few tips for Alzheimer caregivers to deal with patients

1. Make a secure environment

Dementia decreases judgment and problem-solving abilities, which increases the risk of damage. In order to increase safety, provide them with safe environments.

2. Give them options

Every day, provide a few options, but not too many. For example, offer two dress options, inquire as to whether he or she likes a hot or cold beverage, or inquire as to whether he or she would prefer to go for a walk or watch a movie.

3. Give clear directions

Dementia patients benefit the most from simple, one-step communication.

4. Decrease distractions

To make it simpler for the person with dementia to focus at mealtime and during talks, turn off the TV and minimize other distractions.

5.  Be Patient

Try to be as patient as possible with an Alzheimer’s patient. Don’t waste your time reminding them of something they’ve already learned.

Tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers to take care of themselves

Caretakers of patients with dementia experience higher levels of anxiety and depression than other caregivers. Here are some self-care suggestions:

1. Support group

Become a member of a support group. You can share your experience and find resources online or in person.

2. Make a request for assistance

Contact family, friends, or an adult day-care center. Even a few hours of assistance per week will help you relax.

3. Speak with a therapist

They can assist you in comprehending your emotions and managing stress.

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