The vibrant and outstanding tradition of Kashmir is well-known worldwide. Kashmir is famous for its dance, music, culture, food, tradition, clothing, and many more.

Here we will know all about the tradition of Kashmir.

1. Traditional music and dance

Throughout the region of Kashmir, a wide variety of dance forms can be seen that is performed based on the occasion that they mark, for example, a well-known dance form here is the popular mask dance that is performed on the occasion of the Hemis Festival, a prominent festival of Kashmir.

Another glamour of these dances is the vibrant outfits paired off with truly wonderful jewelry.

Some other well-known dances of Kashmir are Rouf, Chakri, Hafiza, Bhand Pather, Kud, and Bacha Nagma. The folk music of Kashmir will urge anyone to start tapping their feet, particularly to the lively Rabab Music. Apart from that, instrumental music is also quite popular in Kashmir.

2. Traditional Dresses of Kashmir

One of the main specialties of Kashmir has to be the vibrant clothing of the region. The women of Kashmir look elegant and beautiful when dressed in traditional costumes paired off with magnificent jewelry like earrings, armlets, necklaces, as well as nose rings.

Besides, they also wear loose salwar kameez to avoid the summer heat. While, men wear kurta, pajamas, shalwars, and skullcaps.

At the time of winter, the people look gorgeous in Pheran which is a long overcoat that is beautifully decorated with patches and embroidery work.

3. Festivals of Kashmir

It’s prominent that Jammu and Kashmir acquire an outstanding heritage and tradition which is beautifully brought out by the festivals of the region. Eid-ul-Fitr, Lohri, Hemis festival, Holi, Shikara Festival, Tulip Festival, Gurez Festival, and Sindu Darshan are some festivals that are enjoyed with the greatest excitement.

These festivals customarily mark an auspicious event and have their heritage in folklore. These festivals are a must to attend because of their joyful nature. Everywhere around you, you can see the native residents dancing, singing, consuming delicious cuisine with their family, and dressed in traditional costumes.

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