Fasting is a process of willingly reducing the amount of food supply to your body for some time. Although fasting is not viewed as a healthy way of living, intermediate fasting for short term fasting can offer excellent health results. Fasting is accepted for losing weight, increasing your metabolism, and preventing diseases. It is important to do fasting in a proper and healthy way. Fasting cleanses our body from all the toxins and forces cells which are not usually in use when the stream of food is always present. When fasting, the body does not have access to glucose forcing the cells to produce energy of its own, which results in increasing metabolism.

Fasting puts the body under mental stress and to make our body strong and to prevent diseases. The process of fasting is similar to what happens when we stretch our muscles during exercises, the make it stronger when given adequate time to rest and recover.

Here are a few benefits of fasting on your health and body :

  • Fights inflammation¬†

Acute inflammation is a normal immune process used to fight off infections and diseases, chronic inflammation has serious consequences on your health. Researches have shown that fasting can help reduce inflammation and help promote better health. A very low-calorie diet effect faster on reducing the level of inflammation and was beneficial in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions.

  • Enhances heart health

Heart health can be enhanced by improving blood pressure which is promoted with proper fasting. Heart diseases are considered the riskiest deaths. Switching off diet and lifestyle is one of the most effective ways of reducing heart diseases.

  • Boosts metabolism

Fasting is one of the best ways to reduce weight. Weight loss is done by limiting calorie intake and boost metabolism. Short term forecasting also increases metabolism and enhances weight loss faster and in a healthy way. Fasting increases metabolism and helps preserve muscle tissue to reduce body fat.

  • Prevents cancer risks

Fasting has many benefits on the treatment and preventing of cancer. Intermediate fasting or short term fasting can be applied. Although studies regarding the same are limited


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