Peace is a priceless feeling. One might have to sacrifice everything for the sake of finding peace. Peace is an act of showing kindness and forgiving. When you look for peace, you keep emotions like anger, aggression and vengeance at bay. One cannot achieve true peace if these emotions exist. There is another tradition in Jewish people called ‘Kabbalah’ that preaches the same ideology for peace.

Kabbalah sometimes translate as mysticism or occult knowledge is a philosophy of peace that deals with the essence of God. The followers of this philosophy believe that it pre-exists all other religions, contradicting all the evidence for the creation of world, science and human culture. They also believe that whole of our world is interconnected and the lands do not belong to different entities. How peaceful and free of wars the world could have been if this was the case? Each part of the world would have belonged to every individual on this earth. No religions, no castes and no fights for a piece of land. Kabbalists believe this to be an extraordinary concept because according to them, there exists a strong connection between humans and Gods.

If we all believe in some particular religion and have complete faith in our God, then we are sure to have the strong connection kabbalists have with their God. If we don’t, then we lack the true vision of our religions. No religion preaches to destroy peace for the sake of religion. A kabbalist named Moses Cordovero says, “The essence of divin­ity is found in every single thing, nothing but It exists…. It exists in each existent”. Every living being is divine. Everything around us spreads divinity and thus we must embrace it.  This is the only way to achieve true peace of mind. This is what Kabbalah preaches!!