Emotions are what makes us humans. Without them, we would have been equivalent to a dead object or a stone. Emotions play a big deal in our life. However, we feel, maybe happiness or sadness is an outcome of our emotions and emotional response to certain things and outcomes. But too much of everything hampers our growth. We shouldn’t fall prey to certain things and we shouldn’t even be slaves to them.

We must keep a tab of our emotions. How do we react to certain things? How do we feel, when we get triggered by something? How do we react to those triggers? We should keep a tab of both our positive and negative responses.

When we make an account of our responses and try not to behave haphazardly, we can avoid awkward situations, guilt and stop ourselves from being slaves to our own emotions. Keep calm when you feel overwhelmed by something, don’t just react instantly, breathe, count from 1-10 in your head. Stop yourself from bursting out when you are angry and feel like you can’t take it any more, in this manner you won’t be enslaved to your emotions.

Learn logical reasoning and thinking, don’t think “too deeply” about something, don’t overanalyze everything, look at what’s in front of you and speak accordingly.

It’s not wrong being an emotional person, it’s just that too much of everything might lead you into problematic occurrences, so to avoid that we shouldn’t be slaves to our emotions and also avoid taking decisions when high on emotions.

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