What is perfection? Perfection is the notion that every person creates in their heads about themselves and of the world. The perspective of “perfection” differs for every individual. A notion of perfection created by one person can be a flaw for another. So it’s important to keep in mind that we are our self mediators and critical viewers.

The more positively you think about yourself the more likely you are to feel positive and vice versa. So, when we have such an opportunity to be our best appreciators we tend to act the opposite of it. Rather than appreciating ourselves, we tend to criticize ourselves and lower our value in our own eyes.

You are perfect and you always will be, when once you start thinking about yourself more positively. When you will stop yourself from fitting into those boxes and standards created by the media you truly will appreciate yourself for what you are.

You are perfect and unique and so is everyone. We humans don’t look the same, nor do our thought processes occur similarly. We all are different in some or another manner, so why waste our time and try to be like someone else?

When we view ourselves as the best and perfect in our own eyes the world will similarly view us. When we avoid self-doubting our self worth we appear more perfect.

What the world has to know about us or how it views us, is not our concern. We should appreciate ourselves, respect and love ourselves and there’s where perfectionism lies, in self-love and acceptance.

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