When we accept the sensation of joy in the here and now, we have the most long-term sense of life fulfilment. And we do that by making small efforts toward happiness every day.

Here are some suggestions for how to start being happier today without making any huge adjustments in your life.

1. Be conscious of your thoughts so that your mind does not have control over you

Learning to be conscious of your thoughts rather than allowing your mind to rule you appears to be critical to long-term happiness. It’s easier to be conscious of your thoughts and learn how to quiet your mind if you meditate every day, even if it’s only for ten or fifteen minutes.

2. Make happiness your priority

The most essential aspect concerning happiness is that it is not a result of one’s current situation. Happiness, on the other hand, is a decision. Is it more difficult some days than others? Certainly. However, if you fall into the trap of believing that your circumstances must improve till you can be happy, you’ll never get there.

3. Don’t make comparisons

Comparison will rob you of happiness, regardless of how you define it—short-term or long-term. There are no winners in the game of comparison, whether we compare our wealth, our body types, our vacations, our abilities, our house size, or our shoe size. But there’s some good news: you’re not being forced to play! You have the option to stop at any moment. Stop comparing yourself to others and be grateful for what you have. Also, appreciate who you are. Work hard every day to live your best life.

4. Don’t obsess with material goods

Although possessions are fundamental for survival, our society appears to have conflated consumerism with happiness. Marketers strive hard to persuade us that their products are not only necessary for survival but also necessary for enjoyment. We gradually begin to trust their bogus promises and waste our lives chasing after things that can never satisfy us. We waste time, money, energy, and attention chasing after and amassing things we don’t require.

Our lives are burdened by these extra belongings, which cause us stress, concern, and worry. Declutter a closet or drawer and begin to resist consumption in your daily life.

5. Take a look around

We are born with the desire to pursue our interests. We don’t need to be told to look out for ourselves. As if it were hardwired into our genes, we pursue self-survival, self-promotion, self-actualization, and self-exaltation.

However, the most effective approach to long-term satisfaction and fulfilment is to consider not only your own but also the interests of others. We live lives of more significance and service when we move our emphasis away from ourselves. We feel the beauty of unselfish love when we serve others without regard for what we might gain in return.

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