Tinnitus is an auditory disorder in which a person perceives a ringing, buzzing, humming or other noise in their ears that isn’t present. It could be due to issues with your hearing or your brain. Tinnitus can appear suddenly, such as after a loud performance. Tinnitus can be felt in one or both ears or in the brain, and it can develop with or without hearing loss.

Here are a few ways to avoid it

1. Quit Smoking

One of the many ways to avoid tinnitus is to quit smoking. Tinnitus is more likely to affect smokers.

2. Protect your ears

Loud noises from motors, equipment, pyrotechnics, shooting firearms, and concerts can all cause hearing damage over time if you are exposed to them repeatedly. When you need to be around loud noises, use soft earplugs. If the sound is going to be very loud, add an additional layer of hearing protection.

3. Take care of your heart health

Tinnitus can be prevented by maintaining good heart health. Because blood vessel issues can cause tinnitus, it’s critical to keep them healthy with exercise and a balanced diet. Maintaining good health might also help you avoid taking drugs that can induce tinnitus.

4. Keep a safe distance from noises

If you’re going to a concert, reserve a seat or take a seat further away from the speakers. The more space you can create between yourself and loud noise, the better for your ears it will be. If you must be exposed to loud noise, it can also be good to give your hearing intermittent rest by regularly walking away from it.

5. Manage stress

By managing stress, those with tinnitus or a tendency to develop it may be able to ease or avoid it. Muscle spasms caused by stress can worsen the perception of tinnitus noises. Relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga might help you manage your stress.

6. Lessen your time around loud noises

Spend as little time as possible around loud noises. Even if noise does not appear to be extremely loud, chronic exposure can cause tinnitus. The length of time will vary depending on the sound’s decibel level but be aware of it and attempt to limit your exposure if at all feasible.

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