Are you a beginner? Did you decide to start running to improve your fitness? Before you lace your shoes, take a look at 5 very helpful running tips for beginners from running expert Sascha Wingenfeld.

1. Start a short interval run

Are you excited to start a running workout? As a beginner, don’t try to run the entire distance in one session. “Keep at intervals and shorten at first.” “Don’t be afraid to go for a walk between intervals to relax a little,” Sascha Wingenfeld advises.

2. Don’t start running too fast

Your body needs to get used to the increased stress and tension of running. Many inexperienced runners run too fast at first and suffer prices within minutes. Frustration, excessive exercise, discomfort, and even injuries are possible consequences. Therefore, start running at a reasonable pace.

3. Your body needs time to recover

Your first run went well, and do you really want to get back there? Big! However, you’ll need to rest a day to recover from your previous running session, so you’ll have to wait a day before starting your next workout.

4. Easy to run and take short steps

Running is a technically difficult sport. Many beginners lack basic skills and waste energy, making jogging more difficult. At every kilometer or mile you run, your body builds the adjustments needed to complete complex movements.

5. Choose the Right Surface

Many new runners don’t know which surface to jog. It depends on your particular workout. As is often the case, a mix of different surfaces is the best option.

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