If you are in a serious and devoted relationship, you know exactly how much effort is needed to maintain a strong bond between you and your partner. The vast majority of people spend more time on their partners than anyone else. The fact that you spend so much time with him / her and he / she is essentially your best friend, or at least should be, is obvious yet unique about a romantic relationship. As you add sex to your mix, the structure of your relationship becomes more intertwined.

This leads to a lot of debate, fruitless struggles, hours of contemplation, and a plethora of seemingly insignificant but serious practical problems that need to be addressed before they become bigger problems. Your time is the most useful gift you can give to someone. It’s one of sending text messages and making phone calls, which is important, but nothing compared to meeting a loved one in person. It’s hard to exaggerate the value of spending time with your partner and living physically together. Conversations and shared experiences help foster a deep understanding and appreciation for the people you are with.

But the time you spend with your partner and the conditions under which you see each other is important. These talks occur regularly and can quickly become heated and exhausting. Because these components of a relationship are sometimes overlooked, this piece of advice emphasizes the need for preparation and fundamental communication. We have the misconception that if our partner loves us, they should be aware of our emotions. That is completely unrealistic to expect from any human being. When it comes to planning and communicating with your spouse, do your homework. Another small but important factor to consider is knowing what you want and telling your spouse so that you can develop plans and activities that meet both of your goals.

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