“Creative inspiration isn’t just about your mind. It involves your entire body.”- Victor Shamas.

There are many perspectives on creatively inspired art. For thirty years he has delved into the mystery of creative inspiration. He is a psychologist, writer, and educator. He has dedicated his life to learning and exploring all aspects of his experience. After being featured in an international gifted education magazine, his body-centric approach to creativity finds its way into the K12 classroom. Here we are trying to learn about the art of creative inspiration from Victor Shamas. The two basic techniques taught by Shamas help you experience creative inspiration in your body.

The first is to play somehow. Shamas found that the most beautiful type of play activity was to let go of the mind and move the body.
Easy to play, uncompetitive, and requires little strategy or effort. Walking in nature, bathing and showering, massage, dancing, and gentle exercise are good ways to relax.
A basic relaxation method jointly developed by Repos and Shamas. You have to rest flat on a comfortable surface and stretch your arms and legs.
According to his study, 7 minutes of rest can increase creativity by improving physical and mental responses. It stimulates your body and your mind.
Your body should be free of stress, anxiety, inflammation, and other distractions.
Some resources will help you get inspiration.

This was about the art of creative inspiration by Victor Shamas.

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