Do you want to change this world by making it a happy place? Well, here are some simple ways to contribute to the world to make it a happy place.

1. Practice small acts of kindness

Develop a habit of performing small acts of kindness more frequently. It is important to be sincere and kind to make the world a better place. It makes the receiver happy and it in turn also makes you happy.

2. Volunteer

Voluntarily participate in whatever you find rewarding such as spending time with children or the elderly. It is important to volunteer in such cases because they need support and a friend.

3. Donate clothes

You can donate the clothing items that you no longer wear or the items that you have outgrown. Donate such clothes to a Good will store or home for shelter rather than throwing it away.

4. Invest in people

It is important to make time for the people who matter the most. Due to hectic work schedules, keeping in touch with your friends can be a challenge but make time for those who matter.

5. Donate blood

Donating blood gives you a chance to save someone’s life. It is an act of kind which tends to have a huge impact on someone else. Even though you do not know where your donation went you can smile with the fact that you’ve done a good deed. This good deed of yours is likely to impact a person and his/her family and friends.

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