We tend to be very controlling about absolutely everything. We as humans love to take control of everything and always think that all things should work and happen according to our will and wish. We are always inclined to take control of all that happens in our lives and when we fail to do so, we get disappointed, anxious and tend to lash out in anger.

We plan things and build scenarios in our heads, we “expect” others and nature to act according to our wish and also to reciprocate to our needs, only just because we wish they should occur how we want them to happen.

Taking control of something equates to dominating it. We as humans, often struggle to accept things in their natural being, state and occurrence. We struggle to go with the flow and then complain about the difficulties that dominate our lives. We don’t want to accept things for the way they are and then sit and cry. There are steps to let go of control and go with the flow.

The very first is acceptance, when we accept things for the way they are and don’t expect them to exist in a certain state of being, it will help you go with the flow. When we begin to learn small indications, our life becomes much simpler and less stress-free.

Stop jumping to conclusions every time if you “think” you might have screwed certain things up, remember it’s just your “thought” and not a fact, sit back, breathe, figure things out rather than trying to take control of what would happen.

Be yourself, when you be yourself you don’t let external things control you, you just happen to go with the flow. So it’s important that to live a joyous and stress-free life we must let go of the control and just move with the flow.

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