If you are planning to work in the project management field then you need to know the difference between project coordinator and project manager.

Project Coordinator

The professionals who deal with administrative tasks for a certain project are known as project coordinators. They ensure the smooth running of the project which would help the project manager to achieve his desired goals.

They often look at different tasks such as ordering new materials and supplies. They work on reducing the expenses and keep a track of budget details.

These professionals understand all the aspects of the project they are working on and keep a record of all the changes done to achieve short and long term goals of the project.

Project Manager

The person who provides leadership to the project coordinators and other members of the team in the company is the project manager. They ensure that all the aspects of the projects are successful and satisfactory that meets the demand of the superiors – CEOs and accountants.

There are some tasks that are similar to that of project managers. However, they have the responsibility of discussing the goals of the project with the clients and upper management. They assign additional hours to the workers so that they can meet the set deadlines. They also work with the risk management experts to understand the problems and hazards of the new project.

Projector managers require leadership, problem solving and communication skills. These professionals should be confident and find effective solutions to the problems.

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