Imagine having a long hard day of work and stress and coming home to see a baby free of all the troubles in the world just lost in itself. That single glance will take away all the strain and lose that frown on our forehead and replace it with a smile. If the kid is young enough to notice your presence, he will start laughing and be delighted to see that you are back. And that in return will fill your heart with joy and happiness.

Babies can be really difficult and troublesome to take care of. They are too young and require constant nurturing. Even so, no one in the world can hate babies without being hateful. Their cuteness and innocence only make us go ‘AWW….’ and fall in love with them. If you are going through a sad phase in your life, a baby’s presence can potentially reduce depression and help you smile again. Playing with them, watching them being silly, feeding them soft food, teaching them all this makes us feel happy and responsible. It gives your life meaning and purpose. Sometimes if you play and laugh with your neighbour’s or close relative’s kid too often, the child adapts to seeing your face and being happy and he prefers your company even more than his parents!! That only makes us feel highly special and precious.

All children are God’s children. They know nothing about this hurtful and cruel world. They live in peace and live every moment of their life to the fullest. Only children are loved unconditionally. Because they deserve it. They don’t have to perform or work or provide in any way. All they have to do is stay healthy and happy. Which is what drives us to be happy when in their company!!