Most people are constantly in search of happiness but they fail because they are not aware of the elements which cause happiness.
There are three key elements that can lead you to long-term happiness.

1. Recognise love

It is important to recognize love which does not mean you need a partner to feel loved. The definition of love goes beyond the partner or an intimate relationship. Love is essential for long-term happiness because feeling unloved creates a gaping hole that runs deep.
Love is the one that you share with your near and dear ones and those around you who care for you.

2. Find purpose in life

In order to be happy, you need to have a sense of purpose and direction in life. Happy people are aware of where they are heading in their life. They tend to have a purpose to live for and strive towards achieving it.

Therefore, if you are searching for long-term happiness, you need to sit down and identify what you want to do in life and what gives you purpose. Find out the things that you love and work towards attaining them.

3. Be selfless

Practice selflessness. It is to go above and beyond you to make others happy. Selflessness makes you see the bigger and a wider picture. Show them the things in life that you wish to see and make them smile.

The people who are truly happy find happiness and take pleasure by making others happy.
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