Anuv Jain is an Indian composer, vocalist, and songwriter from Ludhiana, Punjab. His music has an extraordinary ability to quiet your tensions and comfort your soul. Each of his songs tells a tale, makes you fall in love, and makes you yearn for something you’ve never experienced before. Anuv is a hidden gem in the eyes of his fans.

Here are 5 songs from the artist that will make you feel peaceful

1. Baarishein

Anuv released the song, which was originally titled ‘Sanjh’ and later he released a studio version of Baarishein, which is his most popular song on YouTube.

Listening to this song will make you reflect on what it means to be truly and completely in love. Every time you listen to this music, you will get goosebumps. This isn’t simply a song; it’s a way for Anuv to express the incredible feeling of being in love.

2. Riha

Anuv posted this song to his YouTube channel in 2019. This song is about a love that is willing to let go and live with the memories that remain. A love that is willing to love from afar while waiting to be reunited. Anuv has captured the essence of true love in this song, and the song’s simplicity reminds you of a part of yourself that you’d rather keep buried.

3. Alag Aasmaan

The word ‘Alag Aasmaan’ means ‘different sky.’ In July of 2020, the song was uploaded on Anuv’s YouTube channel. This song is full of optimism and promises of a future where the two individuals will not be together, but they will know that they will meet again and be under the same sky once more, even if it won’t be for long. The song’s lyrics are so brilliantly written that every line makes you feel so good.

4. Ocean

Released in 2018, this song is quite upbeat and will make you grin. The song’s beauty lies in the fact that love may still, be love even if it has flaws and scars; it does not have to be perfect.

5. Gul

GUL is about how we all look for fairytales in our dusty, magical books, but they don’t always come true, which is fine because we all have that ‘jaadoogari’ within ourselves! Gul is a cheerful song about falling in love, failing, and rising from the ashes.

It is more important than anything else in helping you believe in yourself. It’s about the process of getting over a heartbreak.

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