Ups and downs in a relationship are normal, but uncontrolled anger can take its toll on it.

Here are some ways to control anger in relationships.

1. Step away from the situation that is causing the anger.

You can either go to another room or take a walk outside to cool down your anger. You can ask your partner to leave you alone for some time so that you can gather your thoughts.

2. Think before speaking

Fights are really messy and you may say something that you would probably regret later even if you feel like letting it out during the moment. Therefore, it is important to collect your thoughts rather than letting the anger take over.

3. Take deep breaths

If you are angry, focus on breathing in and out gently. Breathing works in slowing down your heart rate and takes away extreme anger.

4. Be aware of warning signs of anger

When you observe your anger trying to make its way in, work on your coping mechanism and calm yourself down. It is better to control your anger before it creates a problem.

5. Chant the calming mantras

Control your anger by saying the word or a phrase that will remind you to stay calm. You can tell yourself to calm down or chill out. When your anger starts bubbling up, chant these phrases loudly or in your mind.

6. Recognise the source of your anger

Anger works in covering up your real emotions. When you feel intense anger, it means you are trying to hide emotions of guilt, shame, hurt, fear or rejection.
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