Dancing is a way of moving your body in a rhythmic way to express joy or sorrow. Most people enjoy dancing in various sorts of reasons. Some dance considering it as a physical exercise, some for mental clearance, and some for emotional stability and other such reasons. Dance is the best way to uplift both hearts and spirits. There is something really glorious about dancing, every age group enjoys it. Dancing is the best way to express ourselves apart from words. Every joy can be expressed with the help of dancing. The passionate fire of youth can be highlighted with the help of dancing. There are various forms of dances all across the globe. People choose according to their interests. It is always a pleasure to learn new forms of dance and to enjoy new music. Dance being very creative show the world who you truly are. We all know that everybody is unique in their own way, our uniqueness can be highlighted from the way we dance.

 Dance can be considered as a translator or a medium to show up your heart.

Here are a few reasons why dancing makes you happy

  • Expresses creativity

Dance is a form of expression, we express what we feel through dancing. Dance has existed since ancient times the tribes and communities used to dance to express their thoughts and ideas.

  • Great relaxation

Dance can be a great way of relaxation just like yoga. It relaxes all your muscles and makes you more flexible and mobile. For those who want to improve their physical endurance should definitely try out dancing.

  • Good for mental health

Dance is a therapy, its and art, it’s a natural way of getting rid of depression and stress. Our bodies release endorphins for pain relief when our body is in happy motion.

  • Boosts self-esteem

Dancing needs encouragement, whether good dancer or bad, once you spend a few minutes dancing you automatically generate a comfort zone. This helps in the overall boosting of self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • A good form of workout

Dancing involves movement of the whole body, so it is a good form of cardio exercise one can enjoy. There are various forms of dance workout such as Zumba, aerobics, etc

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