Being an overprotective parent is not a healthy way of parenting. When you are overprotective about your child you don’t let them grow and mature the way other kids do. You always keep them under the shell and eventually, it can make them feel stuck as they grow up. Yes, it’s your responsibility to take care of your kids but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach them to take care of themselves. As your kids grow up, you must give them their space, let them explore the world on their own, let them fall and rise up again only then they will learn how to live a life. Here are some signs that show you are an overprotective parent.

· Not letting your child fail

Many parents will do their children with homework, projects etc. You can help your child but doing their homework yourself so that they don’t mess up is a wrong approach. Let your children fail, be there to pick them up but don’t stop them from falling down. Unless and until they don’t fail they will not learn.

· Managing your child’s friendship

Friends happen, friendship can’t be forced. If you try to manage your child’s friends as in whom they should talk to whom they should not then you are being overprotective. Let your child be, let them deal with their own choices. If they make good friends it’s ok if they make bad friends they’ll know it in a while. You trust your values and know that they’ll choose better friends for them.

· Continuously checking up on your child

Continuously calling and checking up on your child is the behaviour of an overprotective parent. Checking up on your child once in a while is ok, but continuously disturbing them with your calls can frustrate them. You need to give them their space and let them take responsibility for their own safety.

· Not allowing your child to explore

Choosing everything for your child according to your choice is not a correct method or raising a child. Many parents choose their child’s clothing style to their education stream to their hobbies which is quite wrong. You must let your child explore their own choices, let them choose their hobbies, their own clothes. Don’t interfere with what they want to do, your constant support is all they need and showing them the right direction in wherever they choose to do.

· Not teaching them responsibility

You must teach your child to take responsibilities, if you don’t do that now they’ll never learn to be responsible and after all how long are you going to be there to take care of them. After some time they will be on their own and at that time they’ll face difficult to handle sudden responsibility. So give small responsibilities to your children ever since they are young.

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