The approximately 3,000-year-old Indian Vedic tradition is where the Inner Peace Fellowship Meditation (IPF Meditation) is derived from. The Sanskrit mantras used in IPF Meditation are the same ones that Indian yogis have been practicing and perfecting for hundreds of years. IPF Meditation is relatively simple to learn, and it has a lot of worthwhile advantages. As of 2021, these meditation instructions had been utilized by more than a million individuals in 235 nations.

By meditating, you gain meditation skills. You naturally educate yourself how to go deeper into that silence and serenity each time you meditate because the greater happiness and decreased stress you feel outside of meditation are so alluring and pleasant.

1.Your First Meditation

Find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably to start your meditation. After that, do nothing for about a minute while closing your eyes. It’s acceptable if you have thoughts at that period. Start the audio player below, and then play your mantra** softly.

2.Daily Practice of Meditation

Every morning and evening, spend 15 to 30 minutes in meditation. The best time to meditate is just before eating. It’s best to meditate in a calm setting, but it’s acceptable if you can’t. Noise has no impact on meditation.

3.Common Mistakes

Make no attempt to meditate. The biggest error people make while meditating is to attempt it. Do nothing at all while you are meditating. It is crucial that you do nothing at all when meditating.

Regular meditation is necessary to experience meditation’s advantages. There is nothing you can do to IMPLEMENT such advantages; they will arrive organically over time. Therefore, refrain from searching for specific sensations or indicators of success or failure in your meditation since doing so would prevent you from reaping its rewards.

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