Maintaining peace is the most challenging thing across the globe. Wars and battles have always surrounded the history of humans. This costs human life, violence, suffering, loss and destruction and continues even today.

In modern times people are creating conflict over different ideologies, religions, castes, races, or political power, which results in a high risk of war in both human and materialistic things. The world should maintain peace, but greed for territory and favouritism of religion always come in the way.

Along with greed, the fight for peace has been constant since ancient times. Several people from different cultures and backgrounds acknowledge the importance of peace and harmony and put their forward to educate the whole. Spiritual leaders like Buddha, Jesus Christ, and even Mahatma Gandhi are great activists who became an inspiration for peace and humanity.

The phrase ‘Just try giving peace a chance’ wants to educate that peace is valuable. Try once giving peace rather than conflict and see how different it can make. In this chaotic world, everyone wants peace. Giving peace a chance can create a better world and promote positivity.