According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Yoga guarantees wellness as well as fitness. Yoga is not merely an exercise but a way to attain peace through physical, mental and spiritual well being.” “Peace and harmony are related to Yoga. People across the world must practice it.”

To maintain a balance between oneself and environment yoga is necessary for every human. Yoga is practiced in India since ancient times. Health is most important aspect of life. It is source of everything. A good health help us achieve our goals, which makes us happy. Hence it is rightly said that “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing’.

Yoga consists of several postures or asanas to keep the body healthy. Yoga for mental health include breathing exercises or pranayama and meditation to discipline the mind. Yoga promotes self-healing, Removes toxins from the body and blocks negative thoughts and emotions.Yoga increases self-awareness, Boost immunity, Increases concentration and focus.Yoga helps in reducing tension & stress level in the physical body.Yoga helps in developing the healthy body and peaceful mind, but it may not necessarily be a substitute for medicine.

In a life full of responsibilities, long working hours and busy schedules, we mostly overlook our mental health. Failing to maintain a balance between work life and personal life affects mental and physical. It is necessary to spare some time for yoga, exercise, etc. It is important to include yoga in daily life as it helps in controlling a person’s body, mind and soul and altogether it brings the physical and mental discipline which is better for the body and mind.
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