Be it 1 ball 6 runs for India to win or 1 run 6 balls for rivals to win, one thing remains constant, and that is calm of MS Dhoni. Patience is a valuable quality and not everyone can grasp it. Dhoni is just as human as we are, but his thinking skills and mindset is godly. This godliness was witnessed by the whole nation when MS bagged the 2011 world cup for India. No one in the world can match his qualities but, there’s no harm in trying.

  • Self-confidence – Born in Ranchi, Dhoni never had his bed full of roses. He sure worked very hard, but one thing he always believed in was himself. Urging Gary Kristen to send him next, even though the in-form Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh were yet to bat in the world cup, he was only confident that he can get his team out of this hurdle.
  • Focus- It is critical to maintain a clear head and have a definite thought about your goal. Be it cricket or life very important task should be done with an extreme focus. Dhoni had a job as a ticket collector but his focus towards cricket didn’t change. He finally gave up that job and moved forward towards his goal.
  • Do not panic – However rough the situation might be, do not lose your cool. Do not let yourself get driven by your emotions. Perform meditation if necessary. Dhoni was playing an important match for India when he got the news of his newborn baby. That didn’t stop him from making clear decisions on the field.
  • Tackle your failures – MSD is flawless, but he only achieved it after overcoming those flaws he had. Everyone faces failure, and that is not the end of the world. Giving up too soon is not an option. Always learn from past mistakes and imply them next time. MSD always watched the replay of his match and assessed his and team’s mistake, which helped him do better in the next match.

Following Dhoni does not mean being a world-class finisher or a master in wicket keeping. It is copying his idealism and qualities that he possesses as a man. Follow his mindset and you too can achieve your dreams.