Teachers and mentors tremendously affect our lives. They shape our lives by giving their insight and consistently rouse us to dream, to battle, and to never surrender. They put persevering attempts every day to guarantee our prosperity. Without them, we wouldn’t be in the place we are today! It’s imperative to value the instructors who have devoted their lives to building the country. We should always be thankful to our teachers. Because be it online lectures or offline lectures, all we have to do is sit and listen. But to prepare for those 45-60 minutes it takes all day for teachers to prepare notes and study material for us. Here are some reasons you should be indebted to your teacher’s teacher online and offline: –

 Offline teaching

  • They have confidence in us more than we do.
  • They open our brains to brand new opportunities.
  • They never abandon us.
  • They push us to pursue our interests.
  • They care for us personally and academically.
  • They transform our shortcomings into qualities.
  • They assist us in finding our energy.
  • They are only happy with our achievements.

Online teaching –

  • They take the same efforts as for a practical session.
  • They try hard to get used to software they have never seen or used before.
  • They buy new types of equipment for effective teaching.
  •  They make sure all the students understand every topic even if the teaching is virtual.
  • They work on reduced salaries due to lockdown.
  • They do their part of teaching without any excuse.

The least we can assist them with is grasping every word the teach. We should avoid any mischievous acts just because the guilty can’t be held accountable due to lockdown. Some students also try to pull highly unethical stunts or resort to abuse and bullying. Such acts are not only cowardly but also in bad faith. It only demotivates our teachers and makes them feel sorrow. Even so, they will still not lose confidence and show up for the next session because teachers always care about their students!!

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