Walking away from an argument doesn’t make you a scaredy-cat or puny. It demonstrates that you have honesty and you’re in charge of your feelings. In case you’re in an argument with somebody, regardless of whether it’s a companion, friend, parent, or outsider, it may be a smart thought to remove yourself from the circumstance. By remaining quiet and realizing how to make your leave, you’ll leave liking your choice. You will feel mature and much more advanced in your thoughts. Sometimes when you get driven by your anger, you lose your calm and say something or do something that you regret. To make things worse, the person you are fighting with, or even you will get so aggressive that you might resort to physical violence which will turn out very bad for both parties.

But how do you deescalate from an argument? Here’s what you can do: –

  • Control your feelings – Try not to let yourself explode on the other person involved in the fight. The angrier you are, the harder it will be to leave the battle. Recollect that you are in charge. Don’t allow yourself to get angry by hearing what the other person says because they are saying everything with anger too, which is not true and only said to hurt you.
  • Try the kind approach – Often arguments are only based on some sort of misunderstanding. Try to be kind and explain your point calmly. Also, try to understand what they have to say. Keep a habit of listening. If you listen and somewhat agree with their pint it becomes easier for you to walk away from the argument.
  • Talk about a common solution – Assess the anger level of the person involved in the argument with you and come to a common solution which will be agreeable to both. Express care towards them and show that neither they nor you want anything bad to happen to each other. Talking and solving the problem together is the solution.
  • Apologise if wrong – If even for once you feel like you are wrong, accept your mistake and apologise. Don’t let your ego drive you. Apologising doesn’t make you a coward or less of a person. In fact, it takes real guts to say sorry.
  • Ask if you can both just stop – An argument where both just want to prove themselves right, leads to nowhere. You can instead just stop such an argument and ask them to take a break. You can revisit the debate after clearing your minds and coming back with a peaceful solution.
  • Walk away if nothing works – You can try all you want to stop the fight but at times nothing seems to work. In such cases just tell the person that you are going to walk away and that you don’t want to discuss anything more about this topic. It is the best way to end the fight.