In case you’re fortunate you grew up with siblings or two. Be that as it may, in case you’re truly blessed, you grew up with a sister. While the connection between all siblings is solid, the most grounded bond of all might be the one between a brother and his sister, as per research. It is always a special bond despite complications in the relationship. It is so strong and adorable that there is a festival to celebrate this brother-sister relationship. It called the festival of Rakhi. The sister ties a coloured thread or a ribbon on the wrist of her brother to remind him of the sacred promise he makes to protect his sister. The sister prays for the brother’s wellbeing and gets gifts in return.

 Apart from this traditional side, a brother-sister bond is best because, for a brother apart from his mother, there is another woman in his life who he can trust with his life and vice versa. The sister can always depend on her brother to protect her from this male-dominated world make sure no one ever makes her cry. Ever since childhood, both of them spend almost all their young life and part of adult life together, until the sister gets married and settled with someone she loves. Even when she chooses her life-partner, a part of her tries to choose someone who loves and takes care of her like her brother.

There certainly are a lot of times when they fight. In fact, some of the brother-sister bonds are just based on regular fights and arguments. It is very common that the brother plays a trick or some mischief to trouble his sister. Especially, if the brother is the younger ones in the relationship. But despite these minor and silly differences, when it comes to loving, protecting and caring, there isn’t any other type of relationship that can beat the bond between a brother and his sister.