What is the secret? It is saying that anything is known to more than two persons can’t remain secret. Secrets are of two types. One is personal and the other is of a different person.

Here we look at how keeping secrets of others is a wise decision. Some of the secrets of others you should be disclosed if it is critical like someone planning to kill girlfriend and he told you about it.

But most of the secrets should not be disclosed. Suppose someone told you about a relationship with your friend. And he told you that his intention is not marrying her. It is my responsibility to share with her, it is between two of them. It is wise to make habit of keeping secrets as long as it does not involve any harm to others.

Sometimes disclosing secrets of others may spoil your relationship with that person. Take an example. If suppose your friend told me about the losses he incurred and he wants to keep it secret as his relationship with may spoil. Such secrets if you keep, it surely will become a wise decision.

Questions are entirely dependent upon context. Everyone has secrets, but it is not necessarily the information of the secrets itself that is of importance but to who share information with. Jokingly it is said that three people can keep secrets if two are. It is clear that keeping the secrets of others is very difficult. Of course, keeping secrets helps in building massive trust and confidence in our daily relationships with other people. People are not able to do so considered to be unstable, disloyal, and untrustworthy.

If you keep secrets that is surely a wise decision. And in this process, you can add to many friends. Staying away out of any form of trouble is very much advisable, one sure way is by keeping secrets.