Movies, shows, documentaries, and cartoons help you mould your kids. Educating kids doesn’t only mean taking them through schooling, it’s through various other means. Showing the movies that inspire them, make them wonder, and think more about their future. Even schools are taking initiative to show kids movies that would blow their minds with being more futuristic and advanced movies. They also try to include movies and documentaries that actually teach them good values of life, teach them to be happy, and also about social affairs. They help them mould and be a better person in life.

  1. Life of Pi – This is an amazing story where the son of a zookeeper and a tiger survives on a single boat in an open sea. How they tackle the challenges and how humans and animals have a bond. This movie teaches us how to never give up in life and how to be focused on your goal. In this movie, Pi’s focus was to get to a safe place on the shore.
  2. The Pursuit of Happyness – This movie is about a middle-class man Chris gardener, a single dad, and how he is trying to set up his life for his son and how he tries his best to make him happy. There are many difficulties that he faces, but even these circumstances couldn’t break him down and he always tries his best to find happiness and success.
  3. Taare Zameen Par – This movie revolves around the kid named Ishaan, who is a dyslexic student. And how his art teacher tries to make him better at his life and his studies. And how he improves himself and makes his parents proud.
  4. I am Kalam – This movie is about a kid who was inspired by kalam and wished to follow his path. This movie is a guide for students to show them the importance and value of education. The character named Chotu played by Harsh Mayar played a marvellous role. This movie gives a strong message to the society on the values of education and the right of every student to be confident and to achieve every goal in life.
  5. Wall-E – This movie is a science fiction-based movie directed by Andrew Stanton. This movie teaches us to improve our focus on relationships and to find the true meaning of living life and to face problems in life. It teaches us the importance of good decisions based on the current scenario of the world and a glance at how the future would be.
  6. UP – The movie UP is about a young wilderness explorer named Russell who is a spirited adventure freak and an old man named Carl and how they end up in different adventure moments
  7. Inside Out – Inside out is again an animated movie, explaining about the things going on in your head and how things change with some positivity in life.