No school in the world doesn’t have the two world wars in its history books. The first world that began on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918 with the allied forces winning on the eastern front. The resulting treaty gave rise to another world war (Second World War) that started on 1 September 1939 and lasted till 2 September 1945 again with the allied forces winning the war. The first world war took the human death toll to around 20 million including civilians as well as soldiers. In the second world war, about 75-80 million people lost their lives. This was much more deadly than the first world war even though it lasted for the same period. But what if these wars had never happened? What if the human race came to mutual understanding avoiding the wars and death of countless soldiers and civilians.

 If the great wars would have not happened or somehow escalated into a mutual agreement, humankind would be much much, different than what we are today. First and foremost, without the devastating wars, millions of people would still be alive helping the development of humankind. No loss is greater than the loss of life. Wars take a high toll on the financial structure of the participant nation. Billions of dollars were spent to keep the soldiers armed and keep them well fed. The amount goes in trillions if compared with today. The same finance could have been put to better use and the world in its entirety would have been less poor. Also, in the aftermath of the second world war, there began a race to be a superpower nation and have dominance. This gave rise to cold war and an immense weapons competition. Deadly inventions like nuclear bombs are invented and being researched on every day. This does not come free and is costing a huge amount of money.

The last thing that would have improved without the wars is that scientists and inventors who were busy developing advanced firearms would have focused their attention on inventing things that would have been greatly profitable to humans. We would have been highly advanced with respect to technology. Smartphones and the internet would have been discovered sooner. And the sooner we adapt to new technology, the sooner we are open to new possibilities. However, humans have still not learned enough from the wars. We are now about to have even bigger war one where are humans are together against nature. Every day we are causing more and more harm to the environment and someday it is going to backfire with severe consequences. Be it older days or new, wars can never bring peace, peace achieved without wars is the one that lasts forever.