So now you are all grown up and found an amazing girlfriend who is both beautiful and smart. She makes you truly happy and loves you will all her heart. You are all prepared to ask her to marry you. But here comes the twist. When you introduce your girlfriend to your parents at first everything seems like a normal meet up. But in just in a month you realize that your mom and your beloved girlfriend don’t get along, putting you in a difficult position. You get caught in a series of fights that have nothing to do with you and yet you somehow get involved.

You then have to choose a side and whichever side you choose, its hell both ways. If you choose your mother’s side you will basically be disrespecting and embarrassing your girlfriend and if you take your girlfriends side, your mother will be disappointed and start raising a commotion about how she failed to raise you. This situation can continue for a long time or even forever. Mothers care dearly about their child and have seen their child grow up since birth. They are so proud and affectionate towards their child that they sometimes feel insecure about letting some strange women take their place in their child’s life. Remember you may be an adult but your mother will always think of you as a kid.

Girlfriends, on the other hand, try their best to be loving and charming with their boyfriend’s family to impress them. She tries to show how much the boyfriend means to her and expresses her profound love. But when she constantly gets disapproved by a jealous mother, she tends to become furious and hateful, and the journey of tensions between mother and girlfriend begins. Sometimes these are just minor hiccups as with any relationships. But sometimes the incompatibility can be very devastating. Whatever the case is, if your girlfriend makes you choose between her and your mother, you should undoubtedly hold your mother’s hand. If you think your mother is being unjust, talk to her about your feelings for your girlfriend. Try to resolve the issues with dialogue and make your girlfriend understand your mothers’ point of view. However, if your girlfriend truly loves you, she will never put you through making such a harsh decision. She will always try to win over your mother no matter what barriers your mother creates. And you should support her in making up with your mother.