Domino’s has grown over the course of 50 years and has secured the second largest pizza chain in the world.

Here are some unknown facts you might not be aware of at Domino’s.

1. The founder, Tom Monaghan was a college dropout

After the death of Tom Monaghan’s father, his mother sent him and his brother to an orphanage as she was unable to care for them. Tom briefly studied architecture at the University of Michigan but since he was unable to pay the tuition fees he dropped out.

2. The chain was originally going to be named as “Dominick’s”

Tom Monaghan bought a small pizzeria, DomiNick’s, which was on sale and later wanted to extend his chain of restaurants with the same name. However, Dominick of the Dominick’s wouldn’t let him use the name for his expanded chain. According to Mental Floss reports, a delivery boy suggested he tweak the name and make it Domino’s.

3. Domino’s mocked Subway with free subs for “Jareds”

Domino started providing baked sandwiches in order to expand beyond pizza. They went for the competition with Subway and offered free sandwiches to the first 1000 “Jared” that came in.

4. Domino’s accidentally gave away nearly 11,000 pizzas for free in 2009

One of the customers had come across one of the promotional codes which was created months ago but it was never publicized. According to Mental Floss reports, this glitch went viral in Ohio and Kentucky. By the time the company disabled the code, around 11,000 pizzas were sold for free.
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