Flirting is an art and if you want to impress someone then you need to step up on the flirting game.

Here are some tips to impress your family doctor on whom you possibly have a crush on.

1. Smile

Smile gives a start to flirting and greeting a doctor with a smile creates good vibes. It would immediately make both the parties feel comfortable. However, don’t overdo it.

2. Make eye contact

Maintain good eye contact. It makes you appear more confident and you’ll likely appear more attractive to them.

3. Spill some personal details

If you want to pique the doctor’s interest then you need to tell him or her some personal stuff about yourself. Ensure to keep the conversation light.

4. Let him subtly know that you are single and available

You can subtly pretend that your eye is itchy by touching your face a few times during the consultation. Get him to notice that your fingers are ring free. Find various subtle ways to tell him that you are single.

5. Discover common interests

Observe the office and look out for common interests and act surprised that you have something in common with them.

6. Do the flirt laugh

Try to give yourself away a little bit so that the doctor feels encouraged to make a move. You can show him or her that you are attracted by laughing flirtatiously. If you overdo it, you are likely going to make the situation awkward.

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