The gesture of respect towards one’s country is shown by a salute. It displays a sense of trust among the soldiers and pride to be an Indian shines in the eyes of the militant.

Indian Army has variations in the ways of salutation, they are listed below

1. Indian Army – Open Palm Forward

The Indian Army salutes by placing their open palm facing the front. It is done with the right hand with thumb and fingers together and middle finger nearly touching the eyebrow.

In an army it holds importance because the person saluting is unarmed in front of his superior.

2. Indian Navy – Open Palm Down

Indian Navy expresses their respect by positioning their open palm facing the ground. It is placed to form a 900 angle from the forehead. This is so because earlier sailors used to get their hands dirty with oil and mud, and, as a result to not offend their superiors they kept open palms facing the ground.

3. Indian Air Force – Open Palm At 450 Angle

Earlier, Indian Air Force too saluted like Indian Army but later, in March 2006, open palm at 450 angle from the ground salutation was introduced. In this salute, the right arm should be raised a little less than other salutations.

4. Indian Para-Military – Open Palm Down

Para-Military Forces of India – CRPF and ITBP used to salute the same as Indian Army.

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