The greatest shoulder exercises for guys are more than just a necessary part of a balanced workout regimen; they also help you get closer to that coveted V-shape. Strengthening your deltoid muscles does indeed offer the look of a smaller waist also while adding definition to your overall body. In addition, studies have shown that shoulder workouts improve discomfort and reduce the risk of future dislocations. When it’s all said and done, you just want a better body, and that’s reason enough to jump on board.

1. Overhead Shoulder Press with a Barbell

The barbell overhead shoulder press (also known as the barbell standing shoulder press) exercises the entire body, not just the shoulders. As a result, it’s an excellent core and mass builder, among many other things.

2. Front raise.

This shoulder exercise, which targets the anterior delts, can be done with either a weight plate or a barbell. Prepare for a pretty intense time with one of the best shoulder workouts for mass, no matter what you use. Don’t go overboard with the weight, since this will rapidly turn healthy discomfort into unhealthy injury.

3. Reverse Pec Deck Fly

This shoulder exercise uses a pec deck machine to target your posterior delts. It’s also a great way to bulk up your chest, back, and shoulders.

4. Dumbbell Lateral Raise in a Bent-Over Position

This full-body shoulder workout focuses on your middle deltoids while also improving your overall physique. It can be done either standing (bent-over) or seated.

5. Dumbbell Lateral Raise.

If you like a more classic lateral raise, this entire shoulder workout is for you. It also targets the middle deltoids and, when done correctly, can be very effective.

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