Gardening is enjoyable and satisfying. What could be more pleasant than eating food you have produced yourself or having dinner outside on your patio while the perfume of your own fragrant plants fills the air? Knowing when and how to start a garden might be challenging, but we can help you every step of the way.

View the following 5 novice gardening suggestions.

1.Get to know your garden

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your garden before you begin. Look at the aspect to see if it faces north or south. You may choose what to plant there by understanding where the sun hits the earth. It is also important to be aware of your soil’s kind.

2.Plan your garden

Planning your garden out in advance is a terrific place to start. Instead of getting carried away at the garden center and buying a mishmash of plants that don’t mix well together and might not fit your growing circumstances, you can figure out what to grow where this way.

3.Learn how to plant

Your plants will grow well and survive a long time if they are planted correctly. Prior to planting, take the time to weed, prepare the soil, and, as needed, add mulch or fertilizer.

4.Feed and water plants regularly

The difference between plants surviving and dying depends on when and how much water they receive. Water the root ball instead than the leaves as a general rule because the roots are what actually absorb the water. It is preferable to soak the root ball once a week rather than water it lightly every day.

5.Start small

It might be tempting to tackle everything at once when beginning a fresh vegetable patch or allotment. A little at a time is far better than all at once. While working on another location, you may simply prevent weeds from sprouting in places that you don’t want to cultivate by covering them with cardboard or black plastic.

Source: gardeners world

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