Fruits are nature’s of tasty, healthy, and beneficial treat. These are filled with essential components like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, providing amazing health benefits. The composition of important nutrients makes them a good treat for your overall body function. And with such beneficiary components, you must consume these fruits. So take a look at some good fruits with a digestion quality.

1) Apricots: This peachy fruit is rich in fiber and Vitamin C. It helps the body to maintain colon health and controls constipation. In addition, the richness in Vitamin C supports immunity boost and skin health.

2)Apples: Apples are priceless though you get them with money. An apple keeps the doctor away; this thing about apples is enough to consume them daily. The fruit helps to get relief from constipation, diarrhea, and many other things.

3)Guava: The Green and delicious fruit is not just a treat to your taste buds but also gives some essential health benefits. The fruit provides 20% of fibre daily, which helps digestion and colon fitness.

4)Banana: The yellow-covered white banana can be consumed in any way you wish with milk, by making it a banana shake, or by consuming it as Halwa. This fruit helps to protect ulcers in the stomach. The best fruit to look up for stomach maintenance.

5)Figs: The seasonal fruit has health benefits. The fibre in this fruit makes it one most recommended fruit to balance your digestion and helps prevent an upset stomach.

If you were not aware of the health benefits of these fruits, it’s time you should now start eating and share your experiences with us in the comments and follow

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