Dowry is one of the greatest social evils faced in India. Even if India has improved in many ways and many great leaders have abolished this system, dowry as a social evil cannot be stopped completely. In various regions of India dowry is still prevalent. And to take a certain amount of dowry from a bride’s family, the groom’s family tortures the bride if she is not able to provide them their needed dowry, in form of money and gold.

They even kill the bride if her family does not fulfill their wants. Due to this, the rate of dowry deaths is increasing in India. Dowry strategy has been known to be in existence ever since the beginning of the institution of marriage in India and has been in customs through the ages.

Lending away gifts and presents at a wedding by the parents of the bride has been a traditional practice in different castes and societies of India. This has led to the rapid increase of dowry deaths and bride burning as a reminder of the growing effort of patriarchal power and brutality on women in India.

Unfortunately, issues of harassment, suffering, and burning of brides due to dowry needs are on the increase everywhere in the country.

Time has now arrived when women should be better economically empowered and should be informed appropriately regarding the various legal laws and provisions such as Section 498A CrPC, protection from domestic violence, etc.
At the same time, man needs to think about it. And try to avoid dowry by taking the first step by themselves and then explaining to their.

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