Dubai’s Palm Islands are undoubtedly one of the world’s most daring massive projects. Dubai’s Palm Islands, termed the “eighth wonder of the world,” are the world’s biggest constructed islands and derive their title from their artificially created palm tree form. Due to their distinctiveness and Dubai’s rapidly developing tourism sector, these outlying islands were formed from reclaimed land and seem to have become a famous tourist spot. Palm Islands Dubai comprises three islands: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. The Palm Jumeirah is the only one that is open for tourists.

Here are some shocking facts of how Dubai’s famous palm island was made.

1. Among the most fascinating Palm Jumeirah architecture facts is that neither steel nor concrete was utilised in the construction of this Dubai man-made island.

2. Palm Jumeirah’s one-of-a-kind structure is made up of 120 million cubic metres of soil that was carried in from the ocean. In addition, 7 million tonnes of rocks were transported from the Hajar Mountains to build the foundation. The sand and rock used throughout the Palm Jumeirah construction are thought to be capable of forming a 2m wall that can encircle the globe 3 times.

3. One of the most fascinating Palm Jumeirah facts is that it spans 5.72 square kilometres, about equivalent to 600 football fields. However, it only required 6 years to construct the island that is capable of hosting thousands of football grounds.

4. Shahrukh Khan, the Bollywood celebrity, has a 6-bedroom villa in Palm Jumeirah, which is his preferred vacation spot. David Beckham, a well-known English footballer, decided to give his in-laws a $16 million property in Palm Jumeirah.

5. Engineers had a strategy to build a breakwater to protect the land, which is an interesting detail about Palm Jumeirah’s construction. The barrier was constructed using a mixture of Geotextile fibre and mud, as well as tiny and medium pebbles. The Palm is protected from extreme weather events by this barrier, which is built beneath the curve.

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