It’s normal to want others to love and appreciate us, but obsessing about what others think of you can be harmful to your mental wellbeing. Worrying what other people assume of us, like most other apparently worthless features we individuals have, is an adaptive response. Even while we no longer require groups to thrive, we nonetheless require stimulation and friendship from others.

Because humans are social creatures, putting value on other people’s perceptions of you is normal and even inevitable. Depressed people and those who grew up without comfort and support are more likely to be overly concerned with what others perceive of them.

Here is how you can stop caring for others and care about yourself.

1. Regain control of your emotions.

Others may hold negative views of you, but this does not have to convert into negative thoughts. They are not interchangeable. While you can’t change how others view you, you can reduce your fear and stress over it. Consider putting some relaxation techniques into practise.

2. Keep in mind that everyone makes errors.

Keep in mind that anybody who criticises you for little blunders has made blunders themselves. Making errors at business or in interpersonal relationships can help you grow as an individual.

3. Try not to read people’s minds.

The study discovered that persons who are well-adjusted and mentally stable had the lowest knowledge of what others think of them. It’s a sign that obsessing about what other individuals consider is not only unpleasant, but also harmful.

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