Momos are one of the popular street food in India. Momos are also known as Dim Sum or dumplings. If you are craving to have momos at home then here is an easy and tasty recipe for you.

Ingredients required

For dough

Maida / plain flour(1½ cup), salt(½ tsp),

water for kneading, oil for greasing.

For stuffing

Oil(3 tsp), chopped garlic(3 clove),

chopped ginger(1-inch), chopped chilies(2), spring onion(4 tbsp), grated carrot (1 cup), shredded cabbage( 2 cup), pepper( ½ tsp), salt(½ tsp)

Steps to prepare

Step -1

Firstly, prepare stuffing by heating some oil and fry garlic, ginger, and chilies.

Furthermore, add spring onion and fry on medium flame.

Step – 2

Now add grated carrot and shredded cabbage. Stir and fry on medium flame.

Step – 3

Add pepper and salt(as preferred),

also, add, some spring onion, your stuffing mixture is ready.

Step -4

Now, take a small ball-sized momos dough and make it flat, sprinkle with some maida and start to roll with a rolling pin, roll to a nearly medium-thin circle.

Make sure you roll from sides and keep the center a little thick.

Step – 5

Now place a tablespoon of prepared stuffing in the center of the dough.

Start folding the edges slowly and gather everything.

Press in middle and seal the momos forming a bundle.

Step -6

Further heat a steamer and arrange the momos in the tray, remember that they should not touch each other.

Steam the momos for 10 minutes or till a shiny sheen appears over it.

Once it’s done, your veg momos recipe is ready to enjoy. You can also serve it with some chutney.

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