Festivals in Indian culture are important celebrations. This diverse country celebrates multiple festivals every year.

Here are the top 10 most celebrated festivals in India.

1. Holi

Holi is a festival of colours where people are spotted applying colours to each other’s faces on streets. It celebrated the victory of good over evil.

2. Eid Ul Fitr

Eid Ul Fitr is an important Muslim festival in India. After fasting for a holy month they observe the final day as the celebration.

3. Onam

Onam is a week-long carnival of Kerala which brings the people closer as performances, feasts, boat races, procession and much more sets in.

4. Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna in the Mathura prison. This festival is celebrated with great excitement.

5. Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is the famous festival of Maharashtra which depicts the birth of Lord Ganesh followed by a tragic story.

6. Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is yet another important festival of India which celebrates the bond of brother and sister.

7. Navratri

Navratri is a special festival of India which aims to worship the various forms of Goddess Amba while she takes various forms to defeat the demons.

8. Diwali

The most famous festival of India is the festival of lights, Diwali. This festival signifies the diverse culture of India.

9. Christmas

The global festival Christmas is also an important festival of India. This festival brings people together as they welcome Lord Jesus.

10. Dussehra

Dussehra is the 10th day of Navratri where the Goddess Durga is worshipped.

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