Sleep is the most essential need in every person’s life. Good sleep equals good health. Sleep gives us peace of mind and makes us feel energetic, stress-free, and happy. Sleep is a kind of escapism for some time from all those worries which stick around us for the whole day. So we must never ignore our sleep schedules. But there are certain things you have to do before putting yourself to sleep.

We must reflect on all that we have done in the entire day before putting ourselves to sleep. When we reflect on ourselves we realize how strong we are, it’s also a form of self-care.

Put all your worries in a bag before going to sleep, when you free your mind which is entirely encompassed with worries you can get a peaceful and good sleep.

After having your lunch or dinner, don’t instantly put yourself to sleep, wait for an hour or so, let the food digest and then you can go to sleep.

Pray before you sleep, we must thank God for being with us for the entire day, it’s important that, in our mind, we thank ourselves and every other person that we might have met on our way.

Reading a good book or listening to soft music can give you a peaceful sleep, it’s ok if you want to watch adventurous or horror movies but it will be good if you avoid such kinds of movies and documentaries, as they can affect your mind causing you to have nightmares and disturbed sleep.

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