We can travel back in time but should never get stuck there. You may have had some bittersweet experiences in past relationships, jobs, life, and family, but you should learn from them and remember that life is all about going on. You may have regrets or be troubled by your past, but the larger image is to pardon others and yourself for any mistakes you or others made. Finally, make peace with your past and move on.

This expression always means to support yourself rather than look back and focus on the past. It also suggests that the past cannot be altered, so dwelling on it is pointless; instead, focus on the present and future. It is also critical to take lessons from memories and work on them without becoming trapped. Finally, dwelling on the past can prohibit you from advancing and achieving your goals.

However, focusing on the present and future enables you to influence your life and build your desired memorable future. Setting objectives and taking practical actions towards your ambition is more essential than thinking about the past and regretting previous circumstances for accomplishing them. Always remember to keep moving forward and to never glance back except to use your past experiences to direct you to your present and future.

This statement also reminds you to stay focused in your life while doing anything and think twice before any work. It is also significant to recollect the value of reflection from the past and give your best in the present and future rather than chasing bad memories.